Monday, September 3, 2012

Playing again.

Hey there, I'm back! So, obviously it has been a while, but whatever, I've got something new to babble about.

I'd been wanting to do something with old clothing, so I grabbed some old shirts and jeans and started cutting. (That sounds like I took them straight from the closet. I didn't, these were set aside a while back.)

Didn't really know what I wanted to do or where to start, so like I said, just started cutting. Once I had some pieces, I played with the fabrics on the wall and noticed I really kinda liked the effect you can get on the sleeves at the seams.

I found some groupings I liked and started piecing. I let the fabric tell me where to go with things and when to stop. (No, I'm not nutty enough to actually talk to the fabric, other than cuss at it when it's being a pain.)

I ended up with this odd, modern, random design.
For the top and the backing, I recycled some old cloth napkins. Didn't do anything to them, but put some batting in between 'em and run a straight stitch around. Didn't bind this one. I liked the way the napkins looked just 'pinned' together with the straight stitch. As for the quilting, well, I hand quilted the pieced design on with rough, rustic, random stitches. 


  1. Looks great, a bit Wonky and very free and it would be nice to see you keep going and make some more of your own miss matched plaid intersections like they are in the sleeve seams.

  2. Thanks. I am using those fabrics in something else, but have been saving the seams and some other "interesting bits" with the thought of doing another odd, mismatched kind of thing.

  3. I love watching the process of a quilt coming to life!

    I wanted to let you know that the Men Quilt Too Show for this October is cancelled due to low participation. I am however, going to have a linky party just like I did last year for everyone who wants to come over and link up again. I hope to see you!

    The linky party will air on October 15th over at!

  4. Jay-I've enjoyed reading your blog. As a retired Home Economics teacher who had boys in my class, I can say, "Keep up the good work as the more you do the easier it becomes and the better you get!" I have taken up quilting and learn everyday from the blogs and blog hops I follow. Besides, where else can you travel around the world and find out what other people are doing in the past time that you enjoy without leaving your home? From California, thanks for sharing.