Thursday, February 2, 2012

Testing, testing....

Ok, so I'm just playing with a new toy. I got a little tablet computer last week and wanted to try uploading pics taken with it directly to the blog. It works. Too easy.

Oh. and the pic is some of my wife's knitting stuff I've laid out while I design a needle roll.  Yes, I know there are plenty of tutorials, at this point you should know I like to figure it out for myself. And besides, Ang has a specific idea of what she needs in a roll.

Ok, enough for now.

Wait, two posts in two days. Lame posts, but hey work with me, I'm on a roll here. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wanted to share this...

Clearly I'm not doing too well at keeping up with the blog yet, but I did want to share something.
Below is a link to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
They've got a wonderful site all about quilts with many images of some great works.  If you're not familiar with it, check it out and sign up for the Quilt of the Month email. (I've link to February's entry)

Been pretty busy, and I've not had too much time work on stuff, but getting their email and seeing these historical quilts is always inspiring.  I would love to see this collection in person and ironically will be traveling to Nebraska for work in about a week, but will be nowhere near Lincoln. Bummer.

Anyway, check it out if you can.