Thursday, February 2, 2012

Testing, testing....

Ok, so I'm just playing with a new toy. I got a little tablet computer last week and wanted to try uploading pics taken with it directly to the blog. It works. Too easy.

Oh. and the pic is some of my wife's knitting stuff I've laid out while I design a needle roll.  Yes, I know there are plenty of tutorials, at this point you should know I like to figure it out for myself. And besides, Ang has a specific idea of what she needs in a roll.

Ok, enough for now.

Wait, two posts in two days. Lame posts, but hey work with me, I'm on a roll here. :)


  1. Jay and Angela, just saw the Tree of Life and the Frank Lloyd Wright geometric designs -- amazing and wonderful! Can't wait to see them in person!

  2. Jay and Angela, You have been picked by ME to receive a Liebster Blog Badge. Visit my blog to grab your badge and get the rules that go with it.