Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Proud papa...

Okay, so it's been awhile.  I could offer up all the usual excuses and reasons, you know, work's busy, out of town, etc. But, I don't wanna.  It is what it is and I want to keep work off of here as much as possible. So, on to the fun stuff...

Last weekend, my daughter's school district had their district/county wide art fair.  Man, some really wonderful things out there by kids at every age group! It was a blast.  It is great to see an entire district, and a big one too, that has such strong art programs.  Right on Prince William County!  

Anyway, now for the bragging dad part....  Not only was my daughter's work (below) one of the several from her elementary school to be shown at the exhibit, but it was the one chosen to represent her school in the exhibit that will live in the district offices! 
My daughter's work. Mixed media, paint, chalk and something else. Really, the technique was
beyond me, but it turned out awesome.

Some work from one of the middle schools.  I really dug these trees...might be a quilt in here....

And another thing...

Another proud papa moment was on Sunday when my girl comes up to me with some pieces of fabric (hers) and wants to make a little doll sized pillow.  Well, heck, let's go to the basement.  So, we went on down to the sewing room and I talked her through the basics about cutting the fabric, seam allowances, and a refresher on the sewing machine.  Before I knew it, her two best friends showed up and I had all three of in the sewing room going to town.   They did great!  All I did for them was use the rotary cutter and talk them through everything else.  They all used the machine themselves, slip stitched, everything else.  What a kick!  

Two of the three pillows the girls made.
(I forgot to get a picture until the next day and one of the girls wasn't around...oops.)

I'll post again in a couple days with something neat.  Angela Michaud-Mourer who's blog, Idomitable Angela , I follow, has named this blog one of her Liebster Blogs.  I am flattered and will post the details about that soon as well as start "flying" the badge.  Thank you Angela, sorry it'll take me a bit to get that posted, but I'm taking your nomination seriously and want to put some thought into it.

Until next time...

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  1. Jay and Angela----I love the children's art, especially your daughter's, of course! There is something so pure and heart grabbing about kids' artwork and voices, too.

    As for the pillows, great job! They are gorgeous. I have a 22 yo daughter who would love one too, no matter how many pillows I make for her and her roommates, they want more. I need to take your lead and show them the way around a sewing room and machine.