Saturday, January 22, 2011

A blog huh?

Ok, well here's our first post.

We've been talking about setting up a blog for a while now, and when my buddy set one up the other day, it was inspiration for me to finally get to it.
You Quilt?
The name comes from the response I get from people when they find out I've started quilting. Most of the time though, it is followed by "How cool." or "I wish I could do that."  And, I must admit that I get a kick out the brain cramps I cause the ladies at the fabric store!
Who are we?
We're Angela and Jay. We have a daughter, a dog, three cats and all the chaos that we can handle.
We like to quilt. Ang did first, she's does other stuff too, which I'm sure we'll get to here eventually. After thumbing through her books and magazines for a long time, I asked her to show me how to get started.
What you won't find here: Artsy pictures of our meals.  We probably won't post mouth watering, "Doris Day filter" effect photos of our workspace either. (It's a mess and will probably stay that way) But, knowing Ang, I'm sure there'll end up being some cute pics of the cats.

My first quilt.

To start things off, my first quilt.  This was modeled on the project  "Around the Block" by Rebeka Lambert from the book Pretty Little Mini Quilts.  Her project called for 9 blocks, I scaled it down to four.  
This ended up being a great quilt to start with because the piecing was very straight forward and gave me a chance to play with colors and patterns.  And the inherent wonkyness allowed me not to beat myself up if things weren't perfectly straight.  They weren't supposed to be! That was very liberating, especially when trying a totally new craft.  Besides, I always kinda like things that are a bit out of whack, like me.

A lot of credit needs to go to Angela for not only letting me in her stash, but showing me how to use the sewing machine, and for coming down to the basement when she heard colorful expletives of frustration.



  1. Jay I think you are very brave for being game enough to tackle what is normally considered a woman's craft - I wish my boys would! But Angela, you are so good to share your stash!!! and the sewing machine and workspace. I think we would have to buy two sewing machines!
    Happy stitching!

  2. Welcome to the blog world! I just joined myself and although I am female, I get the "you quilt?" a lot as well since I am young (26) and not very traditional. Fun stuff!