Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mondrian Mini

So, this weekend I finally got around to doing a project I'd been wanting to for a while now.
Nothing terribly amazing, but it was fun.

Last year, in 1st grade, my daughter's art class discussed different artists and their styles.  One of the artists they talked about and tried to emulate was Piet Mondrian.  She created the work you see here on top.  Seeing as I love anything my daughter does, I enjoy Mondrian's work, and have this new quilting thing going on, I figured what the heck, let's quilt it.

You can see, I tried to copy her work as closely as possible.  Measuring everything out and adding seam allowances, while not that hard, was a great exercise.  Below you can see a bit of my over thinking things...



  1. Way too cool! Maybe I should dig out some of my kids art work. (my "baby" is 37 but he is a great artist from the day he picked up a pencil.
    Joking aside, that is not only great art but a super little quilt.

  2. Copying your child's artwork is just a wonderful idea - she mustbe so proud!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog via Quilting Gallery, and then this Mondrian-inspired piece. I also had a Mondrian piece inside my head -- I finally made it about 18 months ago. It's much smaller than yours:

    Have fun quilting!


  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. We're still trying to get into the groove of this blog thing, but I do appreciate the feedback.

    Rhonda, I Dug the journal cover, thanks for the link.