Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Gifts

We've made a modest entry in the Quilting Gallery weekly contest again with the quilt on the right.  This is a design called "Simply Charming" by Lori Smith and actually serves as the cover for her book Fat-Quarter Quilting.  (Her version, not ours!)

This and the quilt below, also from Fat-Quarter Quilting, were the first projects Angela and I worked on together.  Since I had picked up her hobby, and was invading her stash anyway, we wanted to try some projects together.  These wall hangings were done as Christmas gifts to each of our sets of parents.  Angela did the applique work and the quilting, I did the piecing and binding.  It turned out to be a great idea, we got to work together, make some special gifts for family and have some fun.

Since these two, we've completed two more together and have another we've just begun.  So, you can imagine our sewing room is a bit crazy with each of our multiple projects in progress, the new one we're working on together, ugh.  Just watch your step and careful where you set that coffee.

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  1. Great work and so lovely that you are working together!