Monday, July 11, 2011

Just playin'

So, clearly I'm on this solids kick.
I like to go down to the basement and play.  Pick some colors, start sewing, cutting, see where it takes me.  Right now, since I'm trying to figure this whole quilting thing out and find my way or style of doing it, this is a lot of fun for me.  Just messing around without a lot of expectations or some set pattern to work from. I learn better by just doing stuff, so, I'm trying to just do stuff.

There's not really much to say about this quilt. It was play time.  Playing with colors, shapes, quilting, etc.  The over all shape was dictated by the piecing.  It just kinda happened to fall into this general shape, so I trimmed a bit to hopefully improve the balance. I think my favorite part is the 3 lines of colored thread in the quilting.

Pojagi Curtain Sorta Thingy...

I saw these Pojagi style pieces in BooDilly's (Victoria Gertenbach) Flickr stream and they are fantastic.  You should check them out. (When you're done here of course. In fact, look at ALL of her stuff. She does amazing work, one of my favorites.)  So, anyway, they seemed like a great way to try something new and come out with a curtain for my office window.  I had been stumped as to what to do for that window for months.
Since I'm trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and post about works in progress, things I'm trying, heck, post somewhat regularly...
Here are the beginning stages.

 And, yes, still playing with solids.
You'll see the seams are a bit different. She had a tutorial on a couple of seam options posted on her blog. I'm trying the first option and there's certainly a learning curve, well for me at least.  But, I do like the look of it.  I think part of the trouble I'm having has to do with our machine.  It's a cheapy, low line model that just may not be able to be as precise as I want it to be.  Oh well, the machine works great over all, especially for my skill level and needs.

We'll see how this turns out. I held it up against the window pane earlier today and it is shaping up pretty well. I think it'll be neat.
Regardless, check out BooDilly's blog!

Oh, and leave me a comment or something.....please...


  1. It's about time you showed up and shared what you've been up to! You are being "watched" by some, you know. I love the way you use fabric. Very unique, very edgy and folksy and interesting. And, by not following patterns or other's ideas, you created a style all your own.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, I want to see one of the curtain panel in place when it's done, I think it'll be very interesting with filtered light.

    Any way "we" can convince you into learning to do a quilt binding in the traditional way? I think your work deserves the proper "frame."

  2. Angela, thanks for your note. I did the binding on my first quilt that way, but I've really taken to the machine bindings. To be honest, I like the way they look and to me, the bindings seem to fit the over all style I appear to be heading towards. Now, if I end up doing something more traditional, I would certainly adjust binding style to match. I hope this makes sense, I do appreciate your comment though.