Sunday, June 19, 2011

More instant gratification.

As I mentioned a while back, free time had been at a premium.  So, along with the couple of mini quilts I posted, I experimented with a case for my new glasses.
Basically, all I did was make a mini quilt and roll it up.  Too easy.  I'm not going to dare to call this a tutorial for something so simple (especially since I just kinda wing everything), but here are the basic steps:
1. Determine size for your glasses. 
(All I did for this was roll them up in a piece of fabric and measured out what seemed to be right. For mine, it ended up being 6 1/2" h. x 6 1/4' w.)
2. Piece a mini quilt top.
(You see below, I went kinda modern with some solids.) 
3. Before you quilt it, make sure to trim the batting about a 1/4" shy of 3 of the edges. Leave the top edge normal, you'll just bind this one, but trimming the batting back from the others will keep it from bunching up too much when you stitch it together.  ( I thought I was real smart for thinking of this before hand, but Ang told me that's pretty much standard practice for what I was doing...oh well)
4. Bind the top edge.
5. Fold the little quilt right sides together and stitch the bottom, then the side together.
6. Turn it ride side out, and there ya go.
Ang liked mine and asked me to make one for her. Of course, none of that modern stuff for her! "I want mine cute though!" 

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