Monday, June 13, 2011

Been a long time...

The last month or so has been pretty crazy, not a lot of time for quilting or blogging.  But, things have slowed a bit and I've had a chance to have a little fun in the basement.

Since it had been a while and time was at a premium, I decided to make a couple mini quilts.  I've had some solids laying around that I was wanting to play with, here was my chance.  The pic on the right is an improvisation I did.  Just picked some colors, started cutting and piecing.  Lot of fun!

I really enjoy a lot of the Amish quilts, there's something so appealing about the simplicity of design and their use of colors.  So, in search of some instant gratification, I decided on another mini, this time "Amish-ish."

Working on these mini quilts has been great, I just kinda dive in and see where they go.  I guess that's one of the beauties about not really 'knowing' what you're doing.

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